Time Travel

I’ve tried to study physics

And to spacetime comprehend

So I can travel back in time

And ascending age descend

But no matter how hard I try

I cannot time delay

And so I face the prospect of

A large milestone birthday

As I have travelled round the sun

For far too many years

Aging so disgracefully as

The you-know-what day nears

So to day delay I’ll study

And with luck I’ll comprehend

How to alter space and time

So I can age descend

Although I think I must have failed

To invent a time machine

To break the laws of physics and

Time laws contravene

As if I’d been successful

I would already know

How to invent a time machine

To reverse times one way flow

Or did I somehow manage to

Reverse time engineer

And from somewhere in the future I’ve

Time reversed to here

It all sounds rather sci-fi  

So l face the reality

The science of time travel is   

A sci-fact mystery  

And as the day is finally here

Unhappy milestone to me


The Hero

I going to thwart alien invasion

And protect humanity

From aggressive other beings

From throughout the galaxy

I’ll zap them with my raygun        

And reverse their gravity

And as they begin to levitate

I’ll go home for my tea

But if they attempt to thwart me

With their strange technology

Try to mind control me with

Off world psychology

I’ll show them I’m impervious

Demand an apology

Then I’ll return them to their surface

And un-reverse their gravity

And then I’ll ask a favour

As I hope they can help me

Find a way to rescue humans

From humanity


When calculations and collisions

Have discovered everything

The scientists will give

The machines

To poets


Instruction books read

Buttons pressed


Light speed accelerated

Will smash into each other

And discover a meaning

They already know