Class Act

We do our job and then go home

When daily hours complete

Sign out

Clock off

Reverse and then repeat

A cycle we have followed

To earn a weekly wage

We school gate left and started

And continue to old age

To have the same as everyone

Be the daily same

Never our lot question

As we ambition tame 

And same an annual two-week  

We call our summer break

Getting seaside sun burnt

All-inclusive drunk mistake

Then all-inclusive we return

To further life dilate

As womb to wooden box we live

Our predetermined fate

As womb to wooden box we live

Aware we life stagnate

The Postmodernist

I live a postmodernist lifestyle

I am a postmodernist

I follow postmodernist principles

I’ve got a postmodernist list

Of all a postmodernist adheres to

And all a postmodernist rejects

To ensure from postmodernist values

A postmodernist never deflects

I live a postmodernist lifestyle

I’m in my postmodernist prime

An example of postmodernist living

A postmodernist paradigm

With a small postmodernist confession

To a large postmodernist crime

To be a postmodernist poet

A postmodernist should eschew rhyme

So my postmodernist lifestyle is over

I’ll delete my postmodernist list

And start a postmodernist movement

I’ll call post postmodernist