A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time

Not that long ago

Three fairy tales got mixed up

In a fairy tale trio

Of storylined confusion

As three plot progressions clashed

And to add to this confusion

Three dashing prince’s dashed

From one tale to another

From familiar to unknown

Trying to dragon/witch/giant introduction

To this trio’d tale postpone

But failing in their quest

To restore their own tales flow

After rescuing/waking/unspelling each other

Three sweet maidens had a go

And depite each tales description

Of three damsels in distress

These head screwed on princesses

Soon resolved this trio’d mess

And the trio’d became a trio

Of familiar fairy tales

Of the gendered expections

Inflicted on females

So to end these expections

To change this paradigm

To have a happy ever after

We need a

Once upon a time


The Fairy Tale

This was going to be a fairy tale

About a charming prince

And a witch with charming prince phobia

And a potion she’ll make to convince

The prince to stop being charming

And his inside evil set free

She just needs a few fresh ingredients

For her prince anti-charm recipe  

But to comply with new fairy tale guidelines   

The spell shop is healthcare aware

And as staff have received potion training

They know what she hopes to prepare   

So alerted animal welfare 

Who told her she must substitute

Creature based spell making basics

And forget using plucked eye of newt  

And as this tale is for children

Her internet settings deny

Access to unsafe searched websites

She knows could newt eye supply

So by following the list in the guidelines

Of what can and cannot be penned

Here is my fairy story

Once upon a time

The end