The Bullet and the Bomb

The bullet and the bomb stopped arguing

About their respective worth

Their battles won

Their battles lost

Their impact on the earth

About which had laid the most to rest

Caused greatest misery

And which had caused the greatest harm

In defeat and victory

When both agreed they both agree

They neither win or lose

As both the bomb and bullet

Never friend or foe side chose

So in human affairs of stopping hearts

They’re firmly on the fence

As both are used to reinforce

Attack and defence

Then both agreed they both agree

Their use makes little sense

The New War

They asked him

If he would like to go to the new war

It was just a small war

More like a skirmish really

But all the usual war stuff would be there

Bullets, bombs, etc

And blame

Lots of blame

No thanks, he said

I’ll wait for the next one

It will be here soon, he said

Far too soon

They agreed

There’s More Than One Way to Skin a Cat

The day bullets went on strike

Was headline news

Reporters, on the spot reporting

Spoke of wars and conflicts paused

While anxious governments

A long way from the spot

Issued statements

Fear not

They said

This is a temporary situation

We will find a way to prevail

As we have faith in

Then said what they had faith in  

Before asserting

To end the speech on a positive

That normal

Would soon return

Although the bullets stayed on strike

Prevailing occurred


Soon passed

And normal