The Hero

I going to thwart alien invasion

And protect humanity

From aggressive other beings

From throughout the galaxy

I’ll zap them with my raygun        

And reverse their gravity

And as they begin to levitate

I’ll go home for my tea

But if they attempt to thwart me

With their strange technology

Try to mind control me with

Off world psychology

I’ll show them I’m impervious

Demand an apology

Then I’ll return them to their surface

And un-reverse their gravity

And then I’ll ask a favour

As I hope they can help me

Find a way to rescue humans

From humanity



She’s going to go to collage

To learn how to superhero

So she can thwart alien invaders who

Our earth want to overthrow

He’s going to go to collage

To learn how to superhero

So he can leap tall buildings

(When he overcomes his vertigo)

And when they get to collage                                                                      

They’ll learn how their alter ego

Mild mannered in thick rimmed glasses

Can mingle incognito

Until a threat is detected

Then the student heroes

Will phone-booth transform into action

And vanquish our earths superfoes

They’re going to go to collage

To learn how to superhero

They’ll both be disappointed

Heroics they’ll have to forgo

As the earths only threat are its people

We will see our earth destroyed

From indifference they cannot save us

The superheroes will be unemployed


Facing an extinction threat

In a failing jumbo jet

Your crash and burn

Future set

That’s a job for Superman

Atomic bomb

Strapped to a bench

Metropolis wide

Blaze to quench

That’s a job for


He can save

Tree bound cats

Extinguish fires

In chemical vats

Do it all with some éclat

He is good at

Jobs like that

He’s the one

We can rely on

The alloyed man

Of carboned iron

Who will watch


As we commence our world war three

Then four

Then five

He will survive

Will we

Or are we kryptonite

For his empathy