Middle Class

Garnished fruit glazed to a shine

The lunchtime chat is asinine

Rudimentary its content

Words concurred will ferment

To their meaning used cliché

Welcome to a middle class day

Lined lawns of corporate cars

Envied silicon cupped in bras

Botoxed lines they perform

To their class they conform

Their one opinion is the way

Welcome to a middle class day

Box-set watched on widescreen

The chitter chatter middle class scene

Of little pilled all life crisis

The middle class live like this

In middle road amid belief

The middle class confirmed motif

To middle class never stray

Welcome to my middle class day

How the man Became

Unfriendly in his manner

Lack of interest he projects

For your every he cares nothing

His aloofness he protects

By unfeeling any feeling

By resisting empathy

By sub-zeroing his demenour

He’s become emotion free

Could the blame be his upbringing

He was seen but never heard

Or the un-care from caregivers

Who their parents just observed

Or on all the reasoned reasons

For how the man became

The man who is an island

Now buried with the shame

He did the same to his own son

Who to his son did the same  


A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time

Not that long ago

Three fairy tales got mixed up

In a fairy tale trio

Of storylined confusion

As three plot progressions clashed

And to add to this confusion

Three dashing prince’s dashed

From one tale to another

From familiar to unknown

Trying to dragon/witch/giant introduction

To this trio’d tale postpone

But failing in their quest

To restore their own tales flow

After rescuing/waking/unspelling each other

Three sweet maidens had a go

And depite each tales description

Of three damsels in distress

These head screwed on princesses

Soon resolved this trio’d mess

And the trio’d became a trio

Of familiar fairy tales

Of the gendered expections

Inflicted on females

So to end these expections

To change this paradigm

To have a happy ever after

We need a

Once upon a time

How to be a Man

It’s time to stiff an upper lip

To spilt milk never cry

It’s time to harden bleeding heart

And feelings petrify

And put the time spent juvenile

In brain stored memory

It’s time to be an adult male

To live emotion free

And be what is expected

A man who’ll truth deny

He never has a not stiff lip

Will spilt milk never cry

Daytime TV

I like to watch daytime TV

Its mix of chit and chat

On shows that show how life can be

That share the same format

And smile advice about lifestyle

With daytime repartee 

Then promote the latest you must have

And the latest celebrity

I like to watch daytime TV

Its mix of chat and chit

It’s you can be philosophy

And five a day keep fit

And although it can be lightweight

And the content substance free

I prefer the on screen take on life

To real life in 3D

I like to watch daytime TV

Its mix of this and that

Its spicey life variety

Its cosy fireside chat

But when the daytime credits roll

And the ‘have a great day’ said

The lunchtime news of bad news is

By face unsmiling read

As on the screen the newsreader

With practiced gravity

Reminds me why I like to

Watch daytime TV