Mighty Acorn

As do and but

Are both in


And seem to cover

What doubt is about

I find I say

When I doubt

I may do but …

Then I back out

As I’m convinced

So self-agree

You can achieve anything if you put your mind to it

Does not apply to me

But I want to grow

To self believe

To find the will

To achieve

And I have found  

Where I can start

And from self-doubt

I can depart

I’ll leave behind

Do and but

As in doubt


To bud

Lazy Day

Today I’m being lazy

I’m Implementing apathy

By not lifting a finger

I can wallow in ennui

I’m devoid of motivation

I lack an ounce of energy

Getting up and going is today

Not for me

I’m going to have a lazy day

And use my superpower

My superhuman slothfulness

And laze away each hour

I’ll spend all of today in bed

Activity I’ll disown

I’ll have a horizontal day

Today I can’t condone

Being up and being busy

Being here and being there

I’m going to be bone idle

With a touch of laissez faire

And because this is a lazy day

I’m lyrically averse

To adding any more so please

Make up your own last verse