Dear Poets

I hope you are all well

And that those of you who publish

Are seeing sales of your books swell

And those of you who poem slam

Are slamming with success

And the audience you slam at

Feel your words their ears caress

And those of you who blog

I hope your followers increase

Dear poets, please continue

Don’t creative writing cease

As your words are inspirational  

You life affirm endorse  

Each verse so full of meaning

A creative tour de force

Yours sincerely

Jules Bike


I envy all you write

And your creativity

And how you always say so much

With crafted brevity

And as I’m somewhat lacking

May I ask repectfully   

If you have spare inspiration

Could you leave it here for me

Thank you 


The Dark Age

The existance of rainbows has been denied

The seven arced colours outlawed

Richard of York gave battle in vein

The dark age has been restored

All prisms must be re-angled

Light splitting has been outlawed

Monochrome is only permitted

The dark age has been restored

And to stop the occurance of rainbows

Refraction has been outlawed

Mother Nature arrested

The dark age has been restored

So now we can’t be corrupted

As rainbows have been outlawed

And soon the next ban will protect us

The dark age has been restored