Middle Class

Garnished fruit glazed to a shine

The lunchtime chat is asinine

Rudimentary its content

Words concurred will ferment

To their meaning used cliché

Welcome to a middle class day

Lined lawns of corporate cars

Envied silicon cupped in bras

Botoxed lines they perform

To their class they conform

Their one opinion is the way

Welcome to a middle class day

Box-set watched on widescreen

The chitter chatter middle class scene

Of little pilled all life crisis

The middle class live like this

In middle road amid belief

The middle class confirmed motif

To middle class never stray

Welcome to my middle class day

How the man Became

Unfriendly in his manner

Lack of interest he projects

For your every he cares nothing

His aloofness he protects

By unfeeling any feeling

By resisting empathy

By sub-zeroing his demenour

He’s become emotion free

Could the blame be his upbringing

He was seen but never heard

Or the un-care from caregivers

Who their parents just observed

Or on all the reasoned reasons

For how the man became

The man who is an island

Now buried with the shame

He did the same to his own son

Who to his son did the same