The Lottery Win

I’ve won some cash on the lottery

I’m cash flush for a change

So I’m going to wealth distribute

When I can arrange

To have my near and dear

Form an orderly queue

So I can share my lump sum

And re-stream my revenue

Handout done I’ll then donate

To a charity

After I have put aside

A rainy-day bit for me

Although, perhaps, on second thoughts

I should keep the lot

As I’d hate to upset someone I’ve

Handout share forgot

But then, on second second thoughts

I will handout succumb

As I’d like to share my win although

£10 isn’t that vast a sum

The Sleeping Policemen

They’re called the sleeping policemen

They’re a horizontal force

Of tarmacadamed coppers who

Stop crime at its source

And ensure road crossing pedestrians

And motorists who law abide

Are safe from reckless drivers whose

Speed is amplified

They’re called the sleeping policemen

They’re always on our street

But the ever-dozing bobbies can’t

Other crime defeat

As they forever slumber

So ignore triple nine requests

To join their vertical colleagues and

Make crime busting arrests

Perhaps one day they’ll wake up

Or perhaps that has occurred

The slumbering sleeping policemen from

Forever slumber stirred

And saw the world as it really is

So fell asleep again

I wonder if I could apply

To join the ranks of sleeping policemen

The New War

They asked him

If he would like to go to the new war

It was just a small war

More like a skirmish really

But all the usual war stuff would be there

Bullets, bombs, etc

And blame

Lots of blame

No thanks, he said

I’ll wait for the next one

It will be here soon, he said

Far too soon

They agreed


Vodka’d blood

In vodka’d veins

Trickles through

His vodka’d brains

As tethered by

Neat vodka reins

In bladder soaked

Bed remains

He’s off his legs

And off his face

Another vodka’d

Life disgrace

Whose vodka’d blood

In vodka’d veins

Pools in his

Vodka’d brains

Untethered now

From vodka reins

They body bag

His remains