Today nothing happened

Not a single happening thing

No chaos induced major events

Flapped by a butterfly wing

Not a thing to put on the TV news

And headline next-days press

Not a single thing about a single thing

To cause or induce stress unless

You consider all the usual stuff

Repeated repeated repeated every day

Events ever present that

Human compassion decay

The this and that and everything

That blight this blue green sphere

The happening not to mention when

The wish is happy new year


Santa cannot get insured

To fly his deer powered sleigh

This absence of insurance means

No gifts on Christmas day

As his insurance company feel

Santa is too frail

And have health assessed the likelihood

His health may mid-flight fail

And though Santa knows that he

Is Christmas workload fine

The insurance company policy is

To policy decline

So they have grounded Santa

And the gifts must North Pole stay

And as Santa cannot get insured to  

Presents sleigh convey

All the nice will go without

And the not so coal lump free

And nothing will big day appear

By chimney delivery

As Santa cannot get insured

Being frail is his downfall

So a very un-merry Christmas

Will be had by one and all

But Santa knows he isn’t frail

He still has the desire

To global gift deliver

He’s not ready to retire

So he granted himself a Christmas wish

An insurance policy

And added to the naughty list

The insurance company

And now every Christmas day

Will be full of Christmas cheer

As Santa will ensure insurance

Is wished for every year

A Christmas Card For Santa

I’ve got a Christmas card for Santa

But where should it be sent

To the address my wish list went to

Will it reach the jolly gent

Or is there at the North Pole

A secret Santa Claus address

Known only to the post service

That only they posses

Where they drop off each birthday card

And Christmas gift thank you

And reminders from the utilities

When bill payments are due

Along with bags of letters   

From gift-given girls and boys

Demanding he sends the guarantee

When each child gift toy destroys

And from the naughty’s grown ups

Claims their kids were nice

That Santa made a list mistake

So next year, check it thrice

Poor Santa must be overwhelmed

With Christmas induced stress

So I won’t post my Christmas card

To his known or secret address

Instead I’ll make a Christmas wish

And wish him this advice

Put everyone else on the naughty list

And just me on the nice

Dare to Dream

There’s an absence of famous faces and

No one with the desire

To swell the ranks of the famous and

Have a lime-lit quarter hour

As no one wants to be famous

And the famous want to be free

From the endless repetition of

I-phoned you and me

And though it’s difficult to believe

You told me that it’s true

The hope of fame is just a dream

I should not aspire to

So I undreamed my dream of stardom

With a star on the walk of fame

And supressed my fame desire for 

Screaming fan acclaim

And got myself a proper job

And forgot celebrity

A steady nine to five became

My real reality

And my desire lost its desire

To famous face attain

While others got their quarter hour

With desire that didn’t wane

And though you said

Forget the dream, accept reality

There’s now a me that dares to dream

About celebrity

So until the day my big break


I’ll blog my poetry