Comfort Zone

She would choose an emotion

To wear

From those she kept in a cupboard

Each one coathangered

And moth balled

For the right occasion

Most, of course

Were ‘go to’ emotions

Tried and tested

And ‘gone to’ every day while the others

They were impulse buy’s

Holiday why’s



The Spaceman

Take me to your leader

Said the spaceman

And on the way

Tell me about humans

I thought he might like the scenic route

So we got the 92

It runs through the park

And has a nice view of the flowers

Always a fine display at this time of year

As we boarded

I paid our fares and thought

I don’t know where to start

So I gave him my phone

So he could choose 

After a few minutes

During which he phoned home

He said

Why do you treat each other like that  

We just do

I said

Unsure if our leader

Had a better answer

There’s More Than One Way to Skin a Cat

The day bullets went on strike

Was headline news

Reporters, on the spot reporting

Spoke of wars and conflicts paused

While anxious governments

A long way from the spot

Issued statements

Fear not

They said

This is a temporary situation

We will find a way to prevail

As we have faith in

Then said what they had faith in  

Before asserting

To end the speech on a positive

That normal

Would soon return

Although the bullets stayed on strike

Prevailing occurred


Soon passed

And normal


The Postmodernist

I live a postmodernist lifestyle

I am a postmodernist

I follow postmodernist principles

I’ve got a postmodernist list

Of all a postmodernist adheres to

And all a postmodernist rejects

To ensure from postmodernist values

A postmodernist never deflects

I live a postmodernist lifestyle

I’m in my postmodernist prime

An example of postmodernist living

A postmodernist paradigm

With a small postmodernist confession

To a large postmodernist crime

To be a postmodernist poet

A postmodernist should eschew rhyme

So my postmodernist lifestyle is over

I’ll delete my postmodernist list

And start a postmodernist movement

I’ll call post postmodernist