The Spaceman

Take me to your leader

Said the spaceman

And on the way

Tell me about humans

I thought he might like the scenic route

So we got the 92

It runs through the park

And has a nice view of the flowers

Always a fine display at this time of year

As we boarded

I paid our fares and thought

I don’t know where to start

So I gave him my phone

So he could choose 

After a few minutes

During which he phoned home

He said

Why do you treat each other like that  

We just do

I said

Unsure if our leader

Had a better answer

There’s More Than One Way to Skin a Cat

The day bullets went on strike

Was headline news

Reporters, on the spot reporting

Spoke of wars and conflicts paused

While anxious governments

A long way from the spot

Issued statements

Fear not

They said

This is a temporary situation

We will find a way to prevail

As we have faith in

Then said what they had faith in  

Before asserting

To end the speech on a positive

That normal

Would soon return

Although the bullets stayed on strike

Prevailing occurred


Soon passed

And normal


The Postmodernist

I live a postmodernist lifestyle

I am a postmodernist

I follow postmodernist principles

I’ve got a postmodernist list

Of all a postmodernist adheres to

And all a postmodernist rejects

To ensure from postmodernist values

A postmodernist never deflects

I live a postmodernist lifestyle

I’m in my postmodernist prime

An example of postmodernist living

A postmodernist paradigm

With a small postmodernist confession

To a large postmodernist crime

To be a postmodernist poet

A postmodernist should eschew rhyme

So my postmodernist lifestyle is over

I’ll delete my postmodernist list

And start a postmodernist movement

I’ll call post postmodernist