Because it’s There

I think I’ll conquer Everest

I’m free all next week

I’ve YouTubed mountaineering

And I’ve mastered the technique

It’s really not that difficult

Himalaya scaling compares

Quite well to woolly jacket wearing

Scaling my flight of stairs

To make it more authentic

I left open my fridge door

Put on the scarf and bobble hat

Chilled in the salad drawer

Which didn’t make much difference

But it helped me realise

How easy it is to Himalayan

Life acclimatise

I know there’s far less oxygen

At Everest altitude

But this has not deterred me

It increased my fortitude

As I’ve adapted by attic sleeping

So I know when I get there

My sea level physiology

Will thrive in the thin air

I’m going to scale Everest

I’m ready for my ascent

My summit top flag plant

And my Everest descent

And when I say

Because it’s there

Will that satisfy

Those who cannot see the point

And want to know



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