Perhaps the trees could chop us down

And make us into paper then

They could print stories on us

Write about all the bad things trees

Do to humans and why the trees

Should stop

I don’t think that would happen though

Even if they could

I’m sure trees

Are not that stupid

Mother Nature

Mother Nature was a celebrity

With her own live TV show

She showed us when we should plant our plants

And when we should seed sow

And when to do all the gardeny things

Only Mother Nature could know

Mother Nature was a celebrity

With a bestselling gardening guide

About how to organically garden

With an absence of pesticide   

And how to care for the greenhouse grown

And those best grown outside

Mother Nature was a celebrity

Until they cancelled her TV show

They said she may grasp nature but

Humanity she didn’t know

People had stopped watching

They’d thrown away her guide

How dare she say on live TV

That humans are herbicide