His hand

Not as accurate or strong as it was

Touched the lens

A smudge 

Blurring light 

I cleaned his glasses and

Placed them on his face

Something I’d do

A thousand times over

And a thousand times more

If he asked

He wouldn’t 

Not now 


The Grand Sporting Occasion

They introduced

A new event

They called it

The leap of faith

They had the rules

And the umpires had new whistles

And flags

On the day of the event

Sunny and not too hot

The people arrived

Metal was detected


Tickets scanned

And the stadium

Built for the event

Was people filled

To capacity

The senior umpire

PA practiced and professional  

Thanked everyone

For arriving on time

And declared the event


Flags were rolled up

Un whistled whistles

Placed in a box

And the people going in

Heard those going out

Say the event

Was a great success

And how from now on they would


They just would

Poetic Plumbing

When you need an idea for a poem

But lack an idea to verse

When not a word is tip of your tonguing

To rhyme and in verse disperse

When you lack the inspiration

And your page is poetically free

When your writers block is bunged up

And your

Please help!

Is a deaf eared plea

Call me, I’m a poem plumber

I’ll unbung your writers block

I’ll get the poetic words flowing

So you can verse restock

I’m happy to help any poet

I’m on call

I don’t charge a fee

Then would you, now word unblocked poet

Please help!

To word unblock me