One More Time

He is a star in musicals

A spot-lit leading light

A show stopping divo

Who wows them with lunged might

He is a star in musicals

A modern-day Astaire

A reincarnated Kelly

He wows them with dance flair

And with all round entertaining

He’s the West Ends biggest draw

Eight times a week full houses

Bravo an encore

He is a star in musicals

And his musical ability

His talent and his tonsils

And soft shoe agility

Have made him a star in musicals

A West End leading light

Of eternal repetition

Now he wants

To stay home

Every night

The Day After Peace Was Declared

There’s no one left to detest  

No one to dislike

No conduct unbecoming 

No behaviour remiss-full like  

As everyone now gets along

Synchronised swimmingly

There’s not one dissenting whisper

No dis prefaced agree

There’s no one left to detest

No one left to hate

No one left to undermine

And loudly deprecate 

There’s no one left to argue with

We see each other’s point

And no longer see a straightened

Middle finger knuckle joint

There’s no one left to detest  

No one to abhor

We don’t need bombs and bullets 

Now we’re permanently


The world is in agreement

The U.N. is UN-required

When nations became united 

United nationals got friendly fired 

Our earth is now a happy place

Mankind in now man kind 

Peace treaties are all ratified

We all have peace of mind

As we all respect each another

So it’s so hard to perceive

How easy was our hatred

How easy it was to achieve

The Grim Reaper

He’s from a long line of reapers

He’s really quite good at his job

He arrives as life is departing

When hearts no longer heartthrob

If he had any platelets and plasma

Reaping would be in his blood

But there’s no trace of organ or sinew

Beneath his cloak and his hood

He’s proud to be known as a reaper

He’s a reaper par excellence

There’s no reaping task he refuses

He’ll never say

No chance

As reaping is the family business

They trade as Reaping and Co

Their equal opportunity reapers

Death they fairly bestow

And though he’s really quite jolly

He’s always professionally grim

Being known as the jolly grim reaper

Would be

The death

Of him

Then he smiled

When jolly grim reaping

At a life he was about to divest

When the reaper said

Please come with me

The pre-dead refused his request

The reaper fell to his knees

He could do little more than weep

His reaping days were over

His would never again jolly reap

But his tears abruptly halted

And his jollity abruptly increased

When he realised they couldn’t grim reap him

As he’d always been deceased

He’s known as the jolly grim reaper

He’s never professionally grim

And now the other grim reapers

Are jolly

Like him