He’ll demonstrate


Prove when to square

E M and C

Show how to tangent

A cosine

If you will be

His valentine

He’ll use a hadron

To collide

Carbon dye

With trioxide

Split their atoms

To recombine

If you will be

His valentine

With quarks and muons

And diagrams

He’ll redesign

Lap topped programmes

That calculate


Why trigonometrically

His valentine

You should be

But all this is

Just theory

He cannot prove


How it could be


And now he knows


His valentine

You’ll never be


What should I watch

Now the paint is dry

I could apply

Another coat

That will use up some time

I know

I’ll get a slower drying paint

And watch that dry

The days will fly

And I’ll be busy

Until spring

Then I can watch the grass grow

Hopefully that will pass the time