Not a single superhero

Has a superdeed to do

Or evil villain plan to thwart

Or offworld threat subdue

As we’ve made them all redundant

Their use-by dates expired

And even when their help could help

Their help is not required

As the damage is extensive

When they super intervene

Do their superdeeding

And then superleave the scene

So we made them all redundant

They’ve got to change their ways

As hero’s they’re not grata

And non gratas how it stays

Until our superhero’s can


That any deed caused damage

The repair they can pay for

But as all superhero’s


Their bank accounts are empty

It’s a poorly paid career   

So for those in need of rescue

In need they’ll superstay

Until our superheros

Have no superbills to pay


Piggy Bank

The slotted back now coin unseen

Ceramic gut unfed

The cash it undigested is

Shop tilled for daily bread

As endless days of steady rain

Have savings soaked away

Too many days of hidden sun

To piggy bank repay

So ends that tried to stretch and meet

Are ends that never met

They’ll never bridge the ever gap

To feed their hungry debt

As ever-rain keeps falling   

And never sun unhides

And ever claims what never is

In piggy bank insides

Until the day the sun broke free

And warmed their savings dry

It happened on the same day

Piggy banks flew by

The Soap Opera Bully

The soap opera bully

The continuing drama thug

Asked them to unthug him

Their reply a shoulder shrug

As he’s the timeslots biggest draw

The reason viewers view

When he became a bully thug

The viewing figures grew

So he’s scripted misdemenours

To keep the viewers eye screen-glued

And dodgy alibis to snarl

When cop-shop interviewed

Where they say they know he did it

So he may as well confess

As ten million glued eyes witnessed him

At primetime law transgress

He’s the soap opera bully

The continuing drama thug

Who wants to leave the typecast grave

The drama soap has dug

And prove he has the acting range

In drama lessons learned

But fears the bully thug he plays

Has new role bridges burned

So when an offer came

To be a new soap drama star

He signed the dotted line  

He could act his repertoire

And became a new soap bully

A continuing drama thug

Who’d just undug his typecast grave

Then typecast grave redug

Dear Poets

I hope you are all well

And that those of you who publish

Are seeing sales of your books swell

And those of you who poem slam

Are slamming with success

And the audience you slam at

Feel your words their ears caress

And those of you who blog

I hope your followers increase

Dear poets, please continue

Don’t creative writing cease

As your words are inspirational  

You life affirm endorse  

Each verse so full of meaning

A creative tour de force

Yours sincerely

Jules Bike


I envy all you write

And your creativity

And how you always say so much

With crafted brevity

And as I’m somewhat lacking

May I ask repectfully   

If you have spare inspiration

Could you leave it here for me

Thank you 

The Dark Age

The existance of rainbows has been denied

The seven arced colours outlawed

Richard of York gave battle in vein

The dark age has been restored

All prisms must be re-angled

Light splitting has been outlawed

Monochrome is only permitted

The dark age has been restored

And to stop the occurance of rainbows

Refraction has been outlawed

Mother Nature arrested

The dark age has been restored

So now we can’t be corrupted

As rainbows have been outlawed

And soon the next ban will protect us

The dark age has been restored