Portable Dreams

I don’t want to lose my dreams

So I keep them in a box

I know they will be safe in there

My box has lots of locks

I do this as one once escaped

And my dream I had to chase

But the dream, sadly, got away

A dream I can’t replace

And then last night in a dream

I told them all to flee

To see what they could achieve

When free from custody 

But every dream stayed in the box

So I told them all to – Shoo,

Get out now and find someone

To make you all come true –

We have, they said, it’s you

I will, I thought, when I woke up

With a problem I didn’t foresee

My dreams will stay locked in the box

As I have lost the key

Mighty Acorn

As do and but

Are both in


And seem to cover

What doubt is about

I find I say

When I doubt

I may do but …

Then I back out

As I’m convinced

So self-agree

You can achieve anything if you put your mind to it

Does not apply to me

But I want to grow

To self believe

To find the will

To achieve

And I have found  

Where I can start

And from self-doubt

I can depart

I’ll leave behind

Do and but

As in doubt


To bud

Worse Things Happen at Sea

It doesn’t matter how bad it gets

Worse things happen at sea

So I’m staying away from the ocean

So worse things don’t happen to me

Though I must admit

I am intrigued

About what these worse things are

Is the sea better at worse things

Has the land just a small repertoire

Then again it could the currents

Or the phases of the moon

Or the sea seeking its revenge

For the human rubbish strewn

Or perhaps it’s nothing of the sort

Just something people say

To ameliorate the worse things

That on land

Happen every day

The Little Lamb

Mary had a little lamb

She kept it as a pet

So on the day the lamb was ill

She took it to the vet

Who told the distraught Mary

About an ill lamb cure

That although somewhat expensive

Would recovery ensure

But Mary said she lacked the cash

To ensure recovery

So to help the unwell little lamb

And allay its misery

She did the only thing she could

To pained pet pacify

And helped her sick little pet

Into a shepherd’s pie  

The Bullet and the Bomb

The bullet and the bomb stopped arguing

About their respective worth

Their battles won

Their battles lost

Their impact on the earth

About which had laid the most to rest

Caused greatest misery

And which had caused the greatest harm

In defeat and victory

When both agreed they both agree

They neither win or lose

As both the bomb and bullet

Never friend or foe side chose

So in human affairs of stopping hearts

They’re firmly on the fence

As both are used to reinforce

Attack and defence

Then both agreed they both agree

Their use makes little sense